Osphena review and natural alternatives

Osphena (ospemifene) is a non-estrogen medicine that reverses specific modifications in vaginal tissue which are brought on by menopause.

Osphena can be used to alleviate pain during sexual intercourse in menopausal women. Ospemifene isn’t a pain medicine.

Osphena might also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

After 20 years in evolution, ospemifene (Osphena) has been accepted by the US Food and Drug Administration at 2013 for therapy of moderate-to-severe dyspareunia connected with VVA because of menopause. Do not understand why you can not get the job done. So I’m getting a bit over 1mg that is sufficient vaginally.

You’re youthful, try it and let us know how you are doing on it.

This article discusses the treatment of menopausal symptoms during Osphena. Among the most frequent complaints that we hear from our workplace from married women aged 30 to 50 with kids is that their appetite for intercourse has dwindled and they believe there’s something wrong.

Occasionally patients even come in with their husbands that are certain that there has to be an issue because they had to have sex constantly and something has shifted. Working with a bunch of nearly 50 girls and having seen thousands of women each year for 14 years at a really intimate setting, I will tell you with certainty that getting low libido would be the standard for American girls in this age category.

So, does Osphena help?

When I was a young woman, vaginas weren’t a subject for polite conversation. Or any type of dialog, save in the strange sex education course.

Times have now changed and here I present before you , my own personal experience with Osphena. With the advent of Menopause, so have we. The Big M isn’t considerate, and we have to face one of its troubling manifestations head-on.

Significantly, vaginal dryness.

It isn’t vaginal dryness which we notice right off the bat and in some ways Osphena can help with that. But ths is the very first time we have sex and it HURTS. A normal, wholesome sexual life is something the majority people have taken for granted for several years. Unexpectedly, bodily familiarity becomes pain. Who saw that coming?

Dear diary,

Now, I cut my patch in half and fastened the non-adhesive finish with waterproof tape. No indicators or adverse effects whatsoever not that I expected any. Estrogen will keep in fat tissue, and fine, ve got a tiny storage depot around my center and also within my thighs. I anticipate no true change for the initial week or so. (And hopefully, no actual changes then!) Since theres tired of shift.

Off to bed, and hopefully to uninterrupted sleep. However, NOT so fast with Osphena.

You see, rather than a vaginal cream or tablet, it is a pill to be taken by mouth. Although ospemifene is not estrogen, it does carry some of the same dangers.

The manufacturer warns that there is a possibility that Osphena might increase the risk for endometrial cancer (cancer of the lining of the uterus) or strokes and blood clots deep within the veins. The manufacturer recommends that women with breast cancer or liver impairment not take Osphena.

Day 2

Another great (read uneventful) afternoon by a hormonal perspective. Delighted that my pill seems to be working and is currently holding. No hot flashes along with other huge M symptoms. It looked like a particularly hot night, although not sufficient to wake me. Felt so much better when my husband complained Geez, it was hot last night. Yay. Isn’t me.

Becoming spiritual about using my normal progesterone cream. Feeling like this may be simple, but understand that there exist plenty of shoes simply waiting to fall when I get too cocky. Called the practice and left message for Dr. A. to telephone me. Has she reconsidered (read Chickened Out)?

Day Three

Pretty good day. Not flashing or perspiration. The only glitch I’d noticed now is that a slight shortening of my temper. Our personal computer genius is on a single telephone line, my spouse is on another and the discussions are filling the home with rival crosstalk. But I’m not certain that this ist only a regular day of overload unrelated to diminishing my BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.)

So, overall is it a good medicine?

Now, here is the catch.

It doesn’t take care fo the libido – I also suffer horribly out of Vaginal Atrophy with menopause.

Atrophic vaginitis is a vaginal disease that normally occurs after menopause. The medication can cause hot flashes as a side impact. The natural reduction in estrogen levels during menopause causes vaginal atrophy (also referred to as atrophic vaginitis, or vulvovaginal atrophy), which will be a swelling and thinning of the vaginal walls.

I began having problems when I was peri menopausal. Osphena is generated in the united states and has its own site which provides no other goods, except that one. The maker is badly-known rather than really reliable.

So, although Osphena is a prescription oral pill which functions to deal with painful sexual intercourse, a phenomenon that results in fluctuations in the female vagina due to menopause, it DOES nothing to increase female libido.

Worse, my sex drive has even fallen down.

The thing is that as women age, they face a decrease in estrogen production that affects the vaginal tissues.

They eventually become thinner and gender becomes quite debilitating. Since estrogen levels fall, the vagina also becomes shorter and thinner. Osphena acts like estrogen from the lining of the uterus, but it could negatively affect different areas of the body. In addition, it can lead to cancer of the lining of the uterus, and it may improve your probability of strokes and blood clots.

Additionally, one needs to at least do a saliva testing of estrogen levels for menopausal women at least twice per year. As estrogen levels drop during menopause (and occasionally a couple of years earlier) the vaginal tissues frequently become brittle and secretions reduction. From what I am reading, employing the Osphena may not be diminishing any of the risk, because he body type of admits it exactly the same as a hormone.

These symptoms also occur in women who’ve had their ovaries removed or are taking certain medicines (such as aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer therapy).

So, how did I treat low libdo and vaginal dryness?

Apart from Osphea, I had to rely upon the lubricants.

Lubricants: Water, silicone or oil-based, lubricants aren’t going to get absorbed from the epidermis and need to be cleaned off. But, there’s absolutely no consensus about how long HT needs to be utilized or in what age it ought to be discontinued. I would like to test the Osphena.

What is more, the therapy is successful for an impressive 85 percent to 90 percent of individuals. Some physicians will prescribe you with oral estrogen tablets to put from the vagina. Your muscles will feel the temptation to tighten and maintain it in.

I am not stating that this is perfect, but only that it’s normal (if ordinary means average and common)Very seldom do I meet at individual in this age category that explains her endurance too.

Calcium and vitamin D supplements for menopause could be obtained as different supplements or as a mixture nutritional supplement.

If different preparations are utilized, they don’t have to be taken in exactly the exact same moment. Considering that the controversies over the advantages and safety of those supplements, make sure you talk about with your physician whether nutritional supplements are a great pick for you.

As an alternate to nutritional supplements, many physicians recommend making dietary modifications to boost calcium and vitamin D intake, and getting 15 minutes per day of sunlight exposure.

Though a lot of women who have had breast cancer usage minimally absorbed local estrogen merchandise, their security in this population hasn’t yet been proven clinically. Whether you truly require a fertility broker if you’re just on a minimally absorbed vaginal merchandise is controversial.

Some healthcare professionals recommend using fertility in women who still have a uterus (haven’t had a hysterectomy) to stop precancerous states of the endometrial lining.

Women frequently try herbal or so called organic remedies to deal with menopausal symptoms. That is exactly what occurred to mepersonally, and while it was happening, the physicians dismissed me and told me that this could not occur. And, if you are experiencing acute menopause symptoms which stretch past vaginal dryness, then you might choose to explore topical or oral estrogen treatment.

Adults who have adequate amounts of calcium in their diets don’t have to have a calcium supplement. A silicone lubricant, for example Wet Platinum, is a lot more slippery and long-lasting. Our patients frequently tell us that they do not want synthetic hormone and also favor something natura. J

AMA. – Use lots of lubricant when you have sexual intercourse. Vaginal moisturizes (eg, Replens, Moist Again, Vagisil, K-Y Silk-E, and Feminease) are devised to permit water to be kept from the vaginal tissues.

We have discussed vaginal and vulvar dryness along with a few conservative steps which may be used to help cure symptoms, such as nonhormonal vaginal moisturizers that help hydrate the cells and vaginal lubricants that could make sex and intercourse more comfortable.

Then there are just two non-estrogen vaginal lotions: Replens and Restor.

Replens is a fragrance-free, long-acting moisturizing vaginal gel which provides up to 3 times of moisture in between applications. Non-prescription Replens is available as premeasured doses within person plastic applicators or as a tube with one reusable applicator. Unlike estrogen, Replen does not alter your vaginal tissues, the pH of your vagina or revive its lactobacillus. It will, nevertheless, clean un debris from older, dried cells up since it starts to work.

The package insert warns about vaginal discharge through the first week of usage as older cells slough off and emerge, such as cottage cheese. Then, any release is very clear and minimal.Vaginal Atrophy: Unbelievable as it seems, our physicians don’t know of all valuable products and therapies on the market. There are different alternatives available for lubricants which last and nourish. I started doing my own research and learned about a few great goods, that I (being without busy sexual spouse) unite with glass dilators to prevent vaginal atrophy.

Why in the world would be the Ospehna medications the first thing a GYN grabs for? Well very simply, any fantastic GYN is in demand, has a heavy program, and might not know about the differences of a lubricant that’s for gender, vs long-lasting.Data don’t support progestin-only drugs, testosterone, compounded bioidentical hormones, phytoestrogens, herbal nutritional supplements, or lifestyle modifications for treating vasomotor symptoms.

Even though there are limited data regarding lifestyle modifications, reasonable options include layering garments, keeping a lower ambient temperatures, drinking cool fluids, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol.If you are bothered by vaginal itching or tingling or painful intercourse although not hot flashes during menopause, then think about requesting a prescription to get low-dose vaginal estrogen cream, tablet, ring, or suppository which you put on your vagina.

Another is damiana leaf, which may lead to sadness, mood swings along with shortness of breath.

It’s moderate to severe allergic reactions to individuals allergic to it. Valerian Root has allergic reactions, also on individuals that are hypersensitive. The most peculiar thing about it’s that it may affect the liver horribly due to the black cohosh root. These herbs pose threat to the health of liver.

The ginger root contains anti clotting properties and shouldn’t be used by individuals with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

Red raspberry leaf includes a negative effect of moderate loose bowel movement and nausea. Those are just a few of the unwanted effects of these ingredients of Provestra.

How come these aren’t written in Provestra testimonials?

This demonstrates that in many Provestra testimonials, money talks.Another choice is that the serum estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), Osphena. This newer oral medicine was originally investigated to deal with osteoporosis states Dr. Godorecci. Throughout the trial, the investigators noted that it had been relieving the participants’ vaginal dryness problems. They changed gears and conducted trials to examine its effectiveness in treating diminished vaginal lubrication and inflammation.

And, they had great success Like estrogen, there is a risk for blood clots with Osphena, so women will need to share this risk with their gynecologist. Not needing any chronic health difficulties, nor previous cancers or family history of CVA, cardiovascular disease, or cancer, it is unlikely I will experience any unwanted effects. They get 30 mins or less of nutrient training in med school!

For people who are having painful sex that’s impacting their sexual lives and therefore their regular lives? I believe that anytime we’ve got a chance to put focus on girls and their sexual lives, then this is a fantastic thing says Dr. Ashton because she explains that previously there’s been a societal stigma involving treating female sexual problems?unlike for men where early day TV is full of commercials aimed toward treating male sexual issues.

Really miserable a lot of the time!

In terms of the psychological – which may be menopause symptoms. Like hot flashes, thinning bones and other physiological changes associated with melancholy, vulvovaginal atrophy is caused by reduced estrogen levels: Together with the hormone in escape following the reproductive years, the cells in the vicinity of the vagina become thinner, drier and less elastic. My doctor said no to this but said I could use vagifem that is put into the vagina.

I was blessed that the welts did not go beyond my throat since it can go into the airways and influence breathing. I use Emu Oil and Coconut Oil for just about everything I can, but can not say if over time, possibly one might help the vaginal dryness.

Some women find the menopausal transition to become emotionally stressful; a few develop clinical depression. Women may be more at risk if they’ve experienced acute PMS mood swings or have a history of clinical depression.


Osphena cannot be recommended to usage, as it doesn’t guarantee effectiveness. Besides, its main ingredient, ospemifene, is like an unnatural estrogen and has many side effects. The product doesn’t solve the problem of painful intercourse completely. The dosage and duration of treatment is not clear. The manufacturer tells about some side effects of Osphena on its website but doesn’t mention the complete list of them. So, let’s take a look at some customer reviews.

You are highly recommended to consult your healthcare provider in case if you feel any changes in speech or vision, suffer from sudden severe headaches or pains in your chest or legs. You can also experience weakness, shortness of breath, and fatigue. One should avoid using Osphena in case of unusual vaginal bleeding; cancer (cancer of the uterus or breast); a stroke or heart attack; blood clots; serious liver problems. People who are allergic to Osphena or its ingredients, as well as pregnant women are prohibited to take this product. Women who are going to have surgery should also avoid Osphena.

Another issue with Osphena is it doesn’t have ingredients to enhance the female sex drive.

In majority of cases, the menopause is associated with vaginal dryness and low libido.

Unfortunately, Osphena only focuses on the “estrogen” part. Not the “libido” part.

Most women fail to understand that while estrogen is linked to libido or sex drive, they are still very different things.

There are countless experiences of women that have been using estrogen creams to manage their menopausal symptoms, that have found out that while the Estrogen cream did help them with the vaginal dryness, but it was unable to help much with the libido. Their sex drive continued to be negligible or on the low side.

These women then usually opt for testosterone therapies to increase their libido, usually a T gel like Androgel or they use natural herbal supplements like Ginkgo biloba, Mucuna pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium sagitattum etc. to treat the lack of sex drive.

In our opinion, that is one reason we think Provestra is better than Osphena. Because the former takes care of all the female sexual issues including the “estrogen” and “libido”.

Provestra has ingredients that act as natural aphrodisiacs eg. Theobromine, Ginseng, Gingko biloba, Ginger root etc. that increase the female sex drive.

Osphena misses out on such ingredients.